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Raquel Molina
I found Mrs. Alvarez while searching through the internet and I was fortunate to locate an honest attorney in my area. Mrs. Alvarez has a caring and friendly character. I was surprised to be given the opportunity to work with Mrs. Alvarez directly. She was always willing to speak to us and assist us in a very timely manner. She always had a smile on her face as well. The legal matters were handled in a very professional and efficient matter. The best feature of the firm is great customer service.  Mrs. Alvarez is able to handle all issues that come her way in a pleasant, professional and patient manner. She is the best attorney in town.

Rod Bitterling
The best feature of the firm is great communication. I was surprised at how knowledgeable and experiences Mrs. Alvarez is. Rachel and her team will take great care of you and be honest and fair. 

Lanie Pividal
Before my legal matter was handled by Mrs. Alvarez I had somewhat of an idea about living wills, wills and trust but what I found during and after was there was much more to think about. The best feature of the firm is that they were polite, professional and Mrs. Alvarez is very knowledgeable. Creating a living will and last will and testament and trust was a new year's resolution for us. We had family go through issues personally and legal with their family members not planning for their "after". We did not want to put our family in that position and wanted our wishes to be carried out the way we felt best. Alvarez Law Firm made our new year's resolution complete.

Temple of Faith Church
We are completely and totally satisfied with the legal services performed. The best feature of the firm is the hands-on way our legal needs are met. What surprised us was the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the office and staff. The Alvarez Law Firm is very professional and prompt in their legal services. 

Margo Stafford
After my legal matter was concluded with the Alvarez Law Firm I felt confident. I was surprised that none of my questions seemed trite or annoying to the firm. If I were to recommend the Alvarez Law Firm to my best friend I would tell them that the Alvarez Law Firm is a no-hassle, professional firm that doesn't dawdle in doing what it signed on to do. I am glad my case is over, but the process was painless. I thank the Alvarez Law for their assistance. I appreciate their time and I was happy to work with them.

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